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in cooperation with:

Astrid Honold (D)

Fendry Ekel (NL/INDONESIA)


Indra Ameng (INDONESIA)

Henry Irawan (INDONESIA)

Irwan Ahmett (INDONESIA)

Hauritsa (INDONESIA)

Thomas Lang (F) / Natacha Paganelli (F)

Reinaart Vanhoe (B)

Susanne Gertrud Kriemann (D)/ Aleksander Komarov (BELARUS)

Folkert de Jong (NL) / Delphine Courtillot (F)

Siree van der Velde (NL)

Otty Widasari (INDONESIA)

Mateus Bondan (INDONESIA)

Anggun Priambodo (INDONESIA)



My wish is to create moments of surprise  in the public space of Dresden.

I want to make this possible in co-operation with other artist which I have invited to participate in this idea. We will work with different media's, in the streets, on different locations. Individual and in cooperation. The surprises will be small incidents on unexpected places in Dresden City Centre. Visible for the one who will notice it; suddenly and temporary.



  Astrid Honold:

Reconstruction of a particular moment in the face of a city.

  Fendry Ekel:

Infiltrate the space by using its existing infrastructure in order to explore the past.

  Hafiz, Indra Ameng, Henry Irawan, Irwan Ahmett, Hauritsa:

Intrefere and colonize the public space by posters.

  Thomas Lang / Natacha Paganelli:

Slow dancing.

  Reinaart Vanhoe:

Someone is sitting in the subway and sings from time to time along with songs on his headphones. He sings for example: 'Oeps, I did it again'.

  Susanne Gertrud Kriemann / Aleksander Komarov:

As tourist looking for a place to sleep.

  Folkert de Jong / Delphine Courtillot:

Teach me tiger.

  Siree van der Velde:


  Walter van Broekhuizen:

Wandering through the streets, no direction, no plans; all of a sudden you find.........