street level coop. presents


  Wishful Thinking


A production of the 10th International Dance Week Dresden

28 June till 8 July 2001


The project is, in a wider sense, dealing with the public space of the city centre of Dresden. The idea is that each of the participating artists

Jana Winderen, Norway

Walter van Broekhuizen, Netherlands

Stefan Lundgren, Sweden

Stefan Schröder, Germany

Pfelder, Germany

has the possibility to wish something what (s)he likes to «see» in the centre of Dresden. This is not necessarily art. It could be a nice night club or a red light district, to invite another artist to exhibit in Dresden or to see a special band play. The wish could also refer to something which should no longer be there, for example the Frauenkirche or the Kulturpalast.


We are also waiting for your wishes. Please tell us about them – we will try our best to make them come true. The field of your wishes is completely open and your varieties are endless.